Article 1
For the implementation of the article 8 of the Society Bylaws, four among the members of the Electoral Commission will be designated by the assembly. The Secretary-Treasurer will be necessarily the fifth member.  

Article 2
The Electoral Commission will communicate its indications to the Society President within six months from its constitution.
At least three months prior to the date foreseen for the assembly, the President will send the electoral ballots to all members with the indications from the Electoral Commission. Passive and active voting rights can be enlivened solely by those members who are abiding the payment schedule of the membership fees at the time of the official opening of the assembly.

Article 3
Ballot operations and the proclamation of the electoral results of Councillors will take place during the assembly. A polling station, formed by three members, preferably members of the Electoral Commision, will be in place. Only the ballots that will have been delivered to the President or the Secretary-Treasurer before the official opening of the assembly will be counted.
Each ballot paper will have to be sent or delivered in a closed envelope indicating the identity of the voting member.
Ballot operations proceed by first registering the names of those who have voted and collecting the ballot papers and then by counting such ballot papers so that the vote will be secret.

Article 4
In the election year, after the elections took place and before December 31st, the oldest Councillor will summon an extraordinary meeting of the Council in its new composition with the only point on the agenda being the election of the President and the Secretary-Treasurer. 

Article 5
As transient rule for the first two years starting form the first election, when the five Councillors are voted in, the plenum of the Council will be ensured by four of the members of the Promoting Committee designated by the Committee with no objection for possible election of such members to the role of Councillor.

Article 6
Every four years and starting from the first election and specifically on the occasion of the election of five out of the nine members of the Council, the Councillors representing the areas as stated in article 8 of the Bylaws will be elected

Article 7
In accordance with what stated in article 6 of these rules, the ballot paper must bear the area for which the members are running.

Article 8
To implement what stated by article 13 of the Bylaws, elections will be in the form of referendum in the case of Bylaws amendments or Society disbandment. The ballot paper will be sent by the President to all members 90 days before elections are to take place. In case of Bylaws modifications, the ballot paper must bear the text of the article or the articles as they are in the Bylaws as well as their amended form.
Ballots can be posted and ballot papers that will be delivered to the President or the Secretary-Treasurer within 90 days from the sent date will be considered valid.
In case of ballots cast exclusively by mail, votes will be counted within 90 days from the date in which ballots were posted to the members; counting will be done by the President, in the presence of the Secretary-Treasurer and at least two Councillors. Counting will be carried out according to the norm specified in article 3 of these rules. Minutes of the counting operations will be recorded and the results will be communicated to the Society members.