About us
The Italian Society for Radiation Research (in Italian, Società Italiana per la Ricerca sulle Radiazioni, SIRR) was founded in 1983. Its mission is to foster scientific research related to ionising and non-ionising radiation. By promoting studies in each of several fields (physics and engineering, chemistry, biology and medicine) as well as by a multidisciplinary approach, the aim is to improve basic research and dissemination of fundamental knowledge applied to radiation protection, industry and biomedicine.
The SIRR is a member of the Italian Federation for Radiation Research (FIRR) and of the International Association for Radiation Research - IARR).
The Society is governed by a nine-member Council, elected by Society members every four years: four Council members are elected as representatives of the main scientific areas as stated in the Society founding act, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering, and Medicine; the remaining five Council members are so called Interdisciplinary representatives.
One of the major activities of promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge embraced by the Society is the organisation of Conferences, both single-themed and comprehensive, on topics of current interest and relevance associated with the use of radiation and its effects.
The Society is responsible, through a Director and an Editorial Board, for the publication of a quarterly magazine (Radiations-Research and Applications) to voice and review scientific articles and general information related to the topics covered as well as to divulgate news relevant for the life of the Society.
The education of young researchers in the radiation field is seen by the Society as a priority. This is achieved by awarding prizes for outstanding final-year theses, studentships and contributions to encourage attendance at scientific conferences.
The SIRR welcomes all researchers whose activities encompass radiation. Membership request is subject to approval by the Council. Membership fee is 30 € per year. A reduced fee (15 €) applies to unemployed or time-limited contract-based young researchers.